Featured Cocktail: Nacho Mama Cosmo

In Myrtle Beach? Don’t miss Nacho Hippo’s Nacho Mama Cosmopolitan, a special Summer Hummer take on a classic cocktail by bartender Allison Simonetta.

The tides were outrageously high. Hurricane-force winds were horrific. Property damage was widespread. It was “The Blizzard of 1978,” and it started off the coast of South Carolina with what weather buffs call an “extra-tropical cyclone.” The atmosphere wasn’t what most would consider “refreshing.”


Except to Bill and Birney.

As newscasters warned of the impending storm and people stockpiled necessities, a quick-thinking duo named Bill Harvey and Birney Boehland—two pals (known among friends as “B & B”) were visiting a classmate in lovely Charleston, S.C. for winter break—they headed to the local liquor store to prepare provisions.

From bummer to hummer

The following days brought about one experiment after another. As the storm swirled outside, Bill and Birney’s liquid concoctions were a hit indoors. The clear winner was a citrus-flavored vodka. Cool and refreshing, it tasted like summer. And so the name Carolina’s Summer Hummer.

A time and beverage never to be forgotten.

While the years rolled by filled with adventures, trials, tribulations, corporate jobs, marriages and raising kids, one dream remained unfulfilled. Until, at a reunion 35 years later, the friends-turned entrepreneurs, decided it was time to revive Carolina’s Summer Hummer and introduce it to its birthplace, Charleston, that cuisine-loving city where discerning palates favor high-quality ingredients and unique flavors.


Many months of research, taste tests and comparisons of established brands later, the flavors were perfected and feedback was virtually unanimous: It was time to introduce Carolina’s Summer Hummer! We were ready to roll it out. And so we did.

From the blizzard bummer of ’78 came Carolina’s Summer Hummer of 2014. A cool and smooth finish, with no hint of regret, ever. And yours to enjoy year-round.

Why not try one now?